Softmed is a proud Australian-owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of high quality personal protective equipment (PPE) across Australian and global markets.

Production and laboratory

Located in Campbellfield, Victoria, the Softmed factory is a medical grade, state-of-the-art, PPE manufacturing facility and testing laboratory, which provides jobs to significant numbers of skilled and talented Australians. The factory is ISO 13485 Certified (Medical Device Manufacturing) and is in the process of implementing Level 7 cleanrooms and sterile manufacturing capabilities. The Softmed factory is the first in Australia to house non-woven fabric raw materials and solely go through the complete manufacturing process to produce end products.

Product range

Specialising in personal protective equipment (PPE), Softmed offers a range of Australian made high quality products including surgical masks, respirators, gowns, medical caps, hand sanitizers, raw materials and more.

Surgical Masks

Discover our range of three ply surgical disposable masks, made of three distinct layers: identical nonwoven Polypropylene Spunbond (PPSB) for layers one and three, and a middle layer of Meltblown to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.


Discover our range of comfortable and durable respirators designed to save and protect your lungs from bacteria, viruses, debris, chemicals, fumes, mould, and other harmful particles.


Discover our three levels of comfortable and non-allergic, disposable Isolation and Surgical gowns. Designed to protect healthcare professionals, patients and visitors.

Medical Caps

Used by healthcare professionals, styling saloons, cosmetology offices and food production facilities, Softmed caps are known for their high quality and comfort. Available in a variety of colours to match your preference and/or branding.

Hand Sanitizers

Softmed Waterless anti-bacterial hand sanitizer gel kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Available in a variety of sizes to match your needs, from personal use containers to commercial packs.

Raw Material

Discover our variety of medical grade electrostatic Meltblown options available in our stock.

Made in Australia

As an Australian owned and operated, quality manufacturer, Softmed is proud to employ significant numbers of skilled Australians from the scientific and manufacturing sectors, in an effort to support our local community.


We are always looking for skilled and talented professionals to join our team at Softmed. Kindly fill the form below and share your updated CV, and we will keep your information on file for when a vacancy is available.


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